Who We Are

Since its inception in 1982, the Israel Quilters’ Association (IQA) has played a major role in the promotion of patchwork and quilting in Israel. The IQA’s extensive efforts and activities over the last two decades, coupled with growing Israeli Interest in the textile arts have firmly placed this traditional art form on the country’s artistic and cultural radar.

  The IQA has 300 registered members, from dedicated veterans for whom quilting has been a lifetime hobby to avid newcomers who are eagerly discovering the magical world of fabric, colors and quilt designs. In addition, a number of IQA members are artists who have turned their passion for patchwork and quilting into a full time profession.

   The IQA offers its members a wide range of activities, including inspirational workshops and stimulating lectures by Israeli and international quilting experts, and IQA-sponsored exhibitions, which have sparked interest and enthusiasm in Israeli art circles and attracted wide audiences from all over the country. The IQA’s semi-annual magazine, Bad Be’Vad, features the work and activities of Israeli quilters, and together with the IQA monthly newsletters, serves to connect, educate and inform the quilting community in Israel.

   In the best of quilting tradition, Israeli quilters also meet in intimate groups in their communities to exchange information and ideas, share tips, and socialize. Community and charity projects often ensue, as group members pool their energies, talents and resources for the benefit of others.

  Many Israeli quilters travel abroad regularly to participate in international workshops and exhibitions, enhance their own personal skills and share their creative talents with other artists, and as a result have forged close personal and professional bonds with quilters all over the world.

  Drawing from rich traditions and ancient heritages as well as the bold innovation and vibrancy of contemporary Israeli life, Israeli quilting artists have formulated their own unique narrative through fabric, composition and color. Their achievements have garnered awards and reaped rave reviews from artists, curators and collectors in the international quilting community.

  The IQA is proud to continue its efforts in honor of these gifted artists and all our dedicated Israeli quilters whose enthusiasm, talent and energies know no bounds.

Written by: Elise Shazar