Color Twists  10/10

Color Twists 

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Ease into gentle  free-form  topstitched curves in  this  technique and design workshop.   We  will make a  few Color Twists. Then experiment with  different  combinations  to  see which  design layouts appeal  best  to  you  for making  your  choice  of a wall  hanging,  table  runner, table topper, a bag or the beginnings of a quilt top. 

Fabric Selection & Square Cutting 

*****Please bring 6½” squares pre-cut to  



3 different colors OR values: ¼ yard each 

    CUT TWO 6½” squares from each of the 3 fabrics 

    Ex: MULTI-COLOR TWIST = 1 pink + 1 aqua + 1      

    purple (your choice of three colors) 

    Ex: ONE-COLOR TWIST in different values =  1     

    light pink + 1med. pink + 1 dark pink  

Background: ½ yard – your choice of any color. Green     

    and black are shown in the photos. 

      CUT SIX 6½” squares (3 per Color Twist) Supplies 

Sewing Machine with straight stitching foot 

Thread (solid or variegated): one spool to match one of the Color Twist colors Basic sewing supplies: pins, scissors, iron and ironing mat 

Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler 

Marking pencil 

Book (highly recommended): Wiggles & Waves (2018) by Karen Eckmeier $25    

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