Slice Up A Circle Workshop

Requirements List …  each participant should bring…


1 Sewing machine in good working order. … fitted with an open toe presser foot (as above.)

  1. Mid grey thread on  both top and in the bobbin.
  2. A mechanical pencil.
  3. A soft eraser
  4. A travel iron and board. ..(queues use up valuable time.)
  5. A Circle Slice ruler, available for purchase from

or at class.

  1. Cereal packet /plastic circles, (different sizes drawn around

a dinner plate, saucer, egg cup etc)

  1. Several sheets of photocopying type paper. A4 size

9    Freezer paper, cut from roll.  (¼ met. is more than enough)

  1. Fabric… 3 different coloured fata quarters or scrap equiv’.
  2. Piece of tin foil … (6 ins. square min.)


I look forward to meeting you on the day and don’t be worried about ‘designing’… this is a great result the easy way and we’ll have a fun day!




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