The annual exhibition of Israel’s Quilters Association-Registration form

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“Call to Participate”-in the annual exhibition of the “Israeli Quilters Association”


The exhibition will be shown in The Jerusalem Theater from March 1st 2024 until April 30th, 2024. It will then move to Heichal Ha’Tarbut in Petah Tikva for the month of May 2024.

The subject chosen this year is Together.
In the past, we did an exhibition on Alone, which was our feeling during Covid

and now that it has passed, the opposite – we are together.

The word together as described in the Webster Dictionary: In company or conjunction, to unite.

This is not a political statement!! The work is not to have any political reference, only to express our personal feelings.


  •   One work that has been made specifically for this exhibition or has been prepared in the last two years and has not been exhibited in Israel or abroad.

  •   Work dimensions: 80 cm minimum, 120 cm maximum. (Possibility of 5% deviation from the size given).

  •   All techniques are acceptable: traditional, modern, contemporary art.

  •   Use of commercially prepared panels is not permitted.

  •   Attach a label on the back of the work with the following details: name of

    artwork, name of artist, city, and dimensions.

  •   At the time of presentation cover the label with an opaque cover.

  •   The name of the quilter must be stated if you did not quilt the work.

  •   The work will be displayed while hanging on a wall, do not frame the work.

  •   An upper sleeve 10 cm wide should be attached to the back of the work.

  •   Provide a hanging rod [not round] with hooks attached at the ends, with

    your name written on the rods.

  •   The work and the pole must be submitted in a carrying case, on which the name of the creator is also written. The length of the carrying case must be the same length of the rods.

  •   Work packaged in plastic bags will not be accepted.

  •   Present the artwork with a short written personal statement. Add details of

    the measurements, various materials used, and your inspiration.

  •   A member who submits work to the exhibition will be required to sign an

    agreement permitting the work to be available for publication by the exhibitors and the association.

    Fees for the exhibition:

    Jerusalem participation fee: 300 NIS Petah Tikva participation fee: 60 NIS


  •   All works will exhibit if they meet the above criteria.

  •   The curator of the exhibition determines the location of the hanging and its

    decision cannot be appealed.

  •   The members will judge the quilts – there will be more information about


    Time Table:

  •   The opening ceremony of the exhibition – to be announced

  •   Submitting registration form and ID card for work through the association’s

    Registration from: 10/1/24 Deadline: 15/2/24

  •   The deadline for submitting works for the exhibition will be no later than 20.2.2024

  •   The places of collection and return of the works – to be announced later.

    Regards and good luck, The Board Members

Registration form


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